Parler les langues romanes/Parlare le lingue romanze/
Hablar las lenguas romances/Falando línguas românicas

GSCP International Conference
Stockholm and Uppsala Universities

April 9-12 2014

GSCP 2014 is the international conference of the Gruppo di Studi sulla Comunicazione Parlata, a research group of the Società di Linguistica Italiana. Ever since its inception in Naples (Italy) in 2003, GSCP has been one of the main European forums for the discussion of the interdisciplinary area related to the study of spoken communication in all its aspects. GSCP is a rich opportunity for the advancement of scholarship not only in linguistic studies related to spoken language but also in interfacing disciplines and new technologies (acoustic engineering, language pathology, speech therapy, artificial intelligence, etc).

GSCP conferences cater to researchers interested in spoken communication with focuses ranging from the linguistic aspects of speech and the pragmatics of interaction to the biological bases of communication including speech pathology, automatic treatment of speech data and resources for the study of speech (such as the creation of corpora, analysis, synthesis and automatic tagging resources).

The ninth GSCP will take place at the Stockholm University and Uppsala University. It aims to promote interest in spoken language studies in Romance Languages, a field of studies that has a strong tradition at Uppsala University and is one of the leading research areas at Stockholm University.

GSCP 2014 focuses on spoken Romance Languages and welcomes submissions in French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Abstracts can be submitted for individual papers, posters and panels.

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